Kindle best Christmas gift

Christmas is over and a public poll in U.S has revealed that kindle is the most selling gift on this Christmas eve and why should not it be, as new range of kindles are having more stunning contrast, sleeker body and lighter in weight. It weighs few pounds and is quite easy to handle.

For book lovers, reading is a mesmerizing experience to touch their soul, to relax, to talk with themselves, to find their real life character with these role playing and lots more. An American public poll held this December reveals the following facts:

80%- Reading with kindle is relaxing
10%-Still prefer books
5%-i-pad is better

Amazon kindles range are quite inexpensive for the customers and is overwhelmed with lots of features and offers to enhance reading experience .Its latest Kindle Fire HD is more thinner and is enhanced with new feature “Time To Read” which estimates the readers speed of turning pages. Upgraded version of kindle paperwhite features 62 percent more pixels than the Kindle Touch. Its adjustable brightness is quite soothing for eyes that gives a unforgettable reading experience anytime, anywhere whether you are in train, lying on your bed or hanging out with your friends. And it's uncompromising battery life is the best power management way.

Online Mag , Education Week, discovered that one third of 9 to 17 year olds said they would read more books for fun if they had an e-reader.

Kindle devices are making their presence felt in the classroom also. A school in California found that children using Kindle e-readers expanded their vocabulary quickly. Remarkably these students learned an average of 7 to 10 new words each week because of Amazon Kindles built in ‘New Oxford American dictionary.’ Teachers noticed also that a lot of children were looking up the correct pronunciation of words in the dictionary as they read. Schools have found that students enjoy being able to highlight,annotate and save notes under the ‘my clippings’ feature on their Kindles. A small study in Israel with kinders to 1 year olds,showed those children using e-readers made greater progress in word meaning and word reading than same age children using paper books.

In 2011 many of the users complained for lighting feature and that's why now paperwhite is built with in-built light towards the display, in other products it was projecting it at our eyes. This in built light really relaxes anyone's eyes to decrease down the level of eyes-fatigue. Amazon loves to invent and loves to pioneer. And we hope some new amazon launches are waiting for us this year 2013.

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