Amazon Kindles reading devices are making reading fun for children at home and in the classroom. IBIS WORLD marketing studies says there has been a spike in childrens book publishing sales in the past 5 years thanks to the e-reader. ‘the market for childrens books is expanding as e-readers and other devices make books easier to buy,read and store. Animation and other extra features made possible by these devices make ebooks particularly attractive to children-the industry is expected to grow at a 2.7% annualized rate to 2017.’

Amazon Kindle now has a free lending library and a large range of kids books to buy online:

Baby to 3yrs……564 books   4 to 8yrs……5262 books   9 to 12yrs……6362 books

A mother of two(4yrs and 9yrs)said,’the kids like to read on Kindle because it’s cool and new.’ She says the e-reader is attractive to her kids,making reading fun.’ They’re excited because it is my device and they’re excited to read differently.’

Online Mag , Education Week, discovered that one third of 9 to 17 year olds said they would read more books for fun if they had an e-reader.

Kindle devices are making their presence felt in the classroom also. A school in California found that children using Kindle e-readers expanded their vocabulary quickly. Remarkably these students learned an average of 7 to 10 new words each week because of Amazon Kindles built in ‘New Oxford American dictionary.’ Teachers noticed also that a lot of children were looking up the correct pronunciation of words in the dictionary as they read. Schools have found that students enjoy being able to highlight,annotate and save notes under the ‘my clippings’ feature on their Kindles. A small study in Israel with kinders to 1 year olds,showed those children using e-readers made greater progress in word meaning and word reading than same age children using paper books.

A search of the web revealed that there is a lot of support for Amazon Kindles devices for kids.  One mother states,’if you are looking for a great e-reader for your children the Kindle is my recommendation, Kindles are trustworthy devices perfect for kids, they are sturdy and time tested.’(see

Maybe kids should have the last say about their use of an e-reader. A group of young ‘uns in Tennessee were asked what they thought of the Kindle e-reader:

‘its like reading a regular book with buttons’

‘you read faster on the Kindle,it doesn’t seem like such a long book’

‘when you turn it off it is still on the page you are on’

‘you just have to push a button to turn the page’

‘it reads the word to you when you are stuck on a word’.

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